Sex and The City – The Movie

Carrie, a estranha.
I just arrived from the theater. This time I went to see the new “old” movie Sex and The City. “Old” because New York looked the same to me. Same city I visited some 20 years ago. The “girls” also are the same: Carrie, Samantha, Charlote and Miranda now are middle-age women, but with so many botox, brushes, new dresses and (probably) photoshop effects, they look the same as the “Year One” of the tv show.
All the dramas were old too. To love or to have reason. Martinis or Margueritas drinks. Blue dress or red dress. Futilities like that…
For me the main point of the movie was about “forgiveness”. Some situations that happened in the story only were forgiven because the understanding came first. I wrote down here in some old article that Forgiveness = Understanding…
Well… I loved the movie. NY is stills a beatifull city, the dresses were totally incredible, and I already missed with the characters: the four girls appear to be part of the family, for those who like me didn’t lost a chapter in the tv series.
By the way, the futile style of the girls screamming for each Oscar de La Renta dress, or Manolo Blahnik shoes, or Luis Vitton bag really is totally afwul.
And for those that did not saw the movie yet, here is the end: Mr. Big married Carrie. But not “her style”… they did it his style… Hurra!!! Great, Mr Big, great!!!
(veja a tradução -meio mal feita pelo Google – desse artigo aqui)

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